Water - DEPC Treated, Nuclease Free

DEPC treatment is an effective way to eliminate RNAse activity. Our DEPC-treated water is made using the least amount of DEPC that is still effective at destroying enzymatic activitiy in RNases and other proteins, making it ideal for RNA extraction and all molecular biology applications. Water is autoclaved both before and after packaging to ensure sterility and to complete inactivation of byproducts of DEPC. CDI and UV treated. Certified DNase/RNase free.

Recipe: 0.01ml DEPC
Sterile Filtered: Yes (0.10 μM)
Storage: RT
Shipping: Ground
Shelf Life: 3 Years (from Date of Manufacture)
Sterility: SAL 10-6
Endotoxins: < 0.005eu/ml
Activity: None Detected
Resistivity: 18.2mΩ