MBI/GROWCELLS, Inc. is a contract and custom product OEM/private label manufacturer of bulk genomic DNA, certified nuclease free reagents, biologicals and aqueous solutions. Our services include kit assemblies, custom packaging, sterile filling, and custom genomic DNA production. Thanks to our customers we have been supplying our products to the life science research market for the last 10 years. We look forward to being of service to your company.

Nuclease Free Waters

» Nuclease Free Waters

Certified DNase/RNase free waters, ideal for use in the preparation of media reagents and molecular biology applications sensitive to nucleases.
Sugars, Stock Solutions and Essential Buffers

» Sugars, Stock Solutions and Essential Buffers

Certified DNase/RNase free biologicals for critical nuclease assays and related protocols.
Expression, Cloning, and Antibiotics

» Expression, Cloning, and Antibiotics

Media and inducers for efficient molecular cloning.
Liquid Culture Media

» Liquid Culture Media

Ready to use media formulations that provide optimal environments and growth factors for research or bioproduction needs.
Powder Culture Media

» Powder Culture Media

Dry powder culture media and basal salts pre-mixed in optimized media packages for making broths and agar plates.
Our Unique Packaging

» Our Unique Packaging

Affordable, strong, transparent, leak-proof, reusable polycarbonate bottles, ideal for steam sterilization of all biologicals, liquids, reagents, media and buffers.